Sep 26, 2011

The Horde rising...

The Horde rising...

Vasil is still tinkering with ideas for the cover.  Here's what he sent over today.  This is what I told him:

Hey Vasil, 

That's pretty cool.  My one concern is that unlike the last image, this one looks like an alien HIDING inside a mask of human skin, instead of the other image, which evoked a feeling that the alien was tearing out of the human skin.
I like the idea that we're seeing the human hand pull away at the skin, and that underneath, were seeing something alien.
Maybe if you shifted the location of the hand, so that it was tugging at his shoulder, and he was twisting his head to look down and see that the small patch of skin he'd pulled away had something bizarre under it.  but I would show A LOT LESS of the alien flesh than what you're showing here.  Tease us with it.
But I do still like your original image A LOT.