Sep 26, 2011

Horde cover....

Horde cover....

This was Vasil's 2nd approach to the cover.  This is what I wrote him:

Hey Vasil, 

That's cool.  But it looks like a giant needle injecting an alien baby.  I still don't feel like it speaks to what this story is all about.  Could you maybe try one or two of these images and see what they look like?
1.  Closeup of the horde tattoo on Coles arm.  A needle of black liquid is being injected into the arm.  The tattoo ripples and distorts where the drug is already taking effect... Making the demon look even more menacing

2.  Similar to #1, but this is a shot of the entire arm on the gurney.  The needle is being injected into it, we see the tattoo... But the hand is outstretched, as if in pain... And at the end of the fingers, we see black spikes pushing out through the skin.  Some of them have actually broken through already.  Needle sharp.

3.  Closeup of Coles face.  Half in light and half in shadow.  The side in the light looks normal, human.  But the side in the shadows... There's something alien about it, especially the eyes.  Cole looks tormented, maybe he's screaming.

4.  An image of cole in the foreground, and behind him, in the shadows, the rest of the team.  We can't see them clearly, but there's something inhuman about them and all of their eyes are glowing.  

5. A full shot of cole, but his skin looks like it's transparent.  We can see underneath it... Some alien creature inside him, like it's about to burst out of him.

6. Similar to #5, but Coles human skin is Around him on the ground, like he's shed or just torn out of it.  He stands there, some alien creature.

7.  Cole looking in the mirror.  He looks human, but the reflection staring back at him is something alien.