Sep 26, 2011

More horde cover stuff...

More horde cover stuff...

This was Vasil's very first approach to the cover...  Here's the dialogue we had about it:

Hi Dave,

Please, check out the attachment to find the cover sketch.

The idea is:

We find ourselves within the cockpit of an alien spacecraft filled up
with grotesque pieces of machinery and technology beyond human
comprehension. The pilot's seat is occupied by this unfriendly looking
creature which seems to be looking at the planet in the background.
This is Earth, and the spaceship is heading towards it.

It is designed in such a way that it is important to have a foreword
in the beginning of the book. In other words, After turning the cover
art page, the first thing people see is something like the teaser:

"…What if we had a crashed alien ship, and the dead pilot that was driving it?…"

So, they immediately make a connection between the cover and what is
about to come. But instead of seeing aliens throughout the next few
pages, the script is taking the story in a complete different
direction, thus creating a certain level of suspense (until the ending
scene in the labs). And this is great! In other words, the cover art
raise more questions rather than providing answers and this will leave
some space for speculations among the fans.

As for the actual drawing, I wanted the creature to remind us of
rocker/biker riding his monstrous motorcycle throughout the wasteland
(in this case the universe), stopping by the first bar along the road
(our planet) and then starting a fight. (spreading the decease).
However, it is important to remember that this is not the final drone
design for the next issues. It is more symbolic rather than literal.
That's why I didn't want to portray the pilot's face.

Anyway, I still need to add a ton of details on the cockpit and stuff,
but tell me what you think about it so far.



Hey Vasil, 

While your sketch is cool, I don't think it embodies what we should be after for a cover image for this story.  This is a horror/action story, think BLADE, ALIEN, THE FLY... and it's not about a hip alien biker dude.  Also, part of the cool reveal in issue #2 is that we're going to find out what's being put into these guys systems.  I don't think we want to hint to the alien of it all yet at this point.  Let's hold onto that reveal and make people wonder... what in the hell is Gans pumping into these guys?

THE HORDE is the name of Cole's team, and this story is more about Cole and his relationship with these guys, and the realization that they're turning into monsters, and how they deal with it.  This stuff is inside them.  Like a disease.  And as they see each other turning more and more inhuman... they realize that it's only a matter of time before the same thing is going to happen to them.

That's why for symbolism, I was thinking of things along the lines of:

1) A human arm with the Horde tattoo, a needle injecting the black liquid, the black needle-like claws poking from the tips of the fingers, blood dripping down.

2) Cole looking in a mirror and seeing a reflection of a monster looking back.  (ala Dr. Jeckyll and Mr. Hyde)

3) A picture of the whole team, behind them on the wall, their shadows -- and the shadows are of monsters, the things they're going to turn into.

Subtle images that will help paint the picture thematically of what this story is about.  If I go into a comic shop and I see the image of an alien biker on the cover of a comic -- I think this is going to be a story about some wayward alien coming to earth, or out in the galaxy. That's not what this story is.

Lets try something else.